Who is Grandma Walker? (Crazy Ole Lady, that’s who!)

I’m just an old farm girl born during WWII.  I grew up on a 300 acre farm, one of three girls.  We learned how to do everything on the farm, from slopping the hogs and milking the cows to thrashing the wheat.  Then I married and started the adventures of my life.  Over time, I may share some of them with you, but first I want to share the adventure that I’m on now. 

I have always loved to get my hands in the dirt and grow things. Now, in retirement, I’m able to put my roots down in one location and build the flower gardens that I have always dreamed of. So, I hope that you will stop by my website and read about what I’m doing in my gardens and with my other “hobbies” of oil painting, making bouquets, composting, cooking, baking and putting up food for the winter. May God Bless you and yours. Grandma

I hope you stop by now and then to follow my work in progress.

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