April 14th – National Gardening Day

Spring is here and today, April 14th, is National Gardening Day.  If you haven’t planned this year’s garden yet – today is the day to do it.  Many of the seed companies have sales going on right now so jump on the internet and get yours ordered.

All of my seeds have arrived and I’ve started germinating some of them.   It’s already mid-April and that means it’s only 6 short weeks until Memorial Day!  Wow!  Can you believe it?  Memorial Day is the traditional time to plant gardens in my area.  Time to fill your flower pots with plants and plant annuals in your gardens.  Hopefully, my son and Beloved will have my new “Grandma’s Bouquets, Etc.” Roadside Stand built by then.   I have a lot of plants in my greenhouse that will be ready to sell by then.  It will also be the start of my “Grandma’s Bouquets” business.  I will be making bouquets all summer long. Whenever you need any flowers hopefully you will think of Grandma’s Bouquets located just 1/4th mile south of Reed Corners on Route 247.

So today, I’d like to take you for a walk through some of my gardens.  First, may I introduce you to The Lady that watches over my yard. 

I love Bachelor Buttons.  But, be careful where you plant them as they self-seed and return every year.  This year I will attempt to dead-head the blooms before they go to seed.  Wish me luck!

Shown here are two of my perennial gardens that bloom throughout the spring, summer and into fall.  The Shasta Daisies are so pretty.  I have single and double daisies.  They make a beautiful bouquet.

I started these double Shasta daisies from seed three springs ago.  Now they have spread and I have lots.  They are another perennial that self-seeds.

Love daisies of all colors.  I received a few plants from my niece and they also self-seed so I am getting more each year.  My customers love bouquets made with Rudbeckia and Coneflowers.

And I have Iris.  In the fall of 2016 when I moved here I moved these dwarf Iris into my just planted blackberry patch.  And…. They are still there!  This year my mission is to get them all dug out and move them to other locations. This variety is the early dwarf Iris. They are about half the height of the Bearded Iris and bloom earlier

I love Salvia.  This is Blue Bedder (Sage) from Ferry-Morse Seed company.  It’s a tender perennial.  That means it is a perennial in zones warmer than mine so it is treated as an annual here. 

Day Lilies.  I have several different varieties.  I love them.  You will be seeing more of my day lilies as time goes on.

When you think of a garden, a vegetable garden always comes to mind.  Yes, I have a small one.  We have a few deer in our area so we put up a deer fence and it works pretty well.  It also keeps out rabbits and woodchucks.

No garden is complete without tomatoes.  I start all of my plants from seed.

Black Raspberries.  We love them.  I freeze the berries and make Blackberry pie and cobbler.  My family loves blackberry pie.

So that’s a little tour around my yard.  As time goes by I will be writing about different plants, gardening ideas, success and failures that may help you in your garden. 

Now get those seeds ordered for your garden.  I would love to see some pictures from your garden.  My email address is Marilyn@grandmawalker.com  

Have a Happy National Gardening Day and keep your eyes on the horizon.


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